Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Solutions

Global Energy Solutions offers a wide variety of Wind energy and Solar Photovoltaic options for Residential, Agricultural, Commercial and Governmental needs. Due to our partnerships with Global Wind Solutions, EPo Energy and Gexpro, we are able to offer the best Solar PV or Wind Turbine products available in today's market.

What separates Global Energy Solutions from other alternative energy companies is the extensive experience of our team members and a buying volume second to none. Global Wind Solutions over the last few years has developed a proprietary turbine with a focus on developing markets. This new rim driven, direct drive turbine was designed to maximize power but also to reduce transport, assembly, maintenance and repair costs associated with traditional wind technologies. These advances have arisen from our team member's extensive experience sourcing and installing turbines from all of the major manufacturers, with over three thousand (3000) megawatts installed to date.

We are offering technical consulting, training and administration services for all phases of renewable energy production - design, implementation, installation and long term maintenance of both aolic and photovoltaic energy systems. Working side by side with your designated technical and financial teams, we will help establish the highest achievable expertise for renewable energy technologies.