Global Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Development Experts

Global Energy Solutions is a consortium of internationally experienced renewable energy companies offering a complete line of solar and wind energy systems. We are experts in providing solutions for alternative energy for residential, agriculture, commercial and government needs. We provide turnkey installations that include site analysis, engineering, design, installation and maintenance. Our low overhead allows us to offer the highest quality systems at the lowest prices possible.

For government or large scale commercial oriented projects, we offer a community training program to create an alternative energy workforce. In addition, financing large energy systems has often been difficult and prohibitive. Traditional Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) rarely receive entire funding to take projects to completion. Global Energy Solutions through its partners has years of experience with a variety of alternative energy financing companies. We are able to offer Purchase Lease Back options that fund the entire project development from research to completion.

Global Energy Solutions has partnered with Global Wind Solutions (GWS). The GWS team includes Peder and Finn Hansen along with other outside contractors that make this team one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Wind Energy teams in the world. Global Energy Solutions has also partnered with EPo Energy and Gexpro to source and design Solar Systems. Gexpro, a division of Rexel, is the largest electrical distributor in the world, with offices in 27 countries and 28,000 employees worldwide.

Gexpro has been involved in the design and material distribution of Photovoltaic components for the last five years and has become one of the leading Photovoltaic distributors in the United States. Gexpro has designed and supplied Photovoltaic materials for a variety of projects and uniquely takes an active role in the design, implementation and support of these products. Gexpro’s active involvement ensures that projects meet the required National Electrical Code and Utility interconnection agreements, as well as having updated designs using the latest proven technology.


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